Monica Skeisvoll has been a photographer and a creative influence for U.S. and International clients in the fashion industry for over 25 years. She has a passion for creating an environment that builds, inspires and supports all those on set with her. Monica brings everything she has experienced and learned as an International model from in front of the camera, to now being behind the camera as a photographer. Monica wears many hats on her photography shoots with a broad ability in several areas of the creative process. She brings a timeless look to her photographs, be it of a baby, child, teen, or the eldest of legends.

Erik Skeisvoll brings immense knowledge of photography lighting along with his talent with a camera for beautiful imagery. With over 25 years behind the camera, his experience also extends to working on production, scouting, set building, casting and motivating his subjects for photography shoots. Whether he holds a camera, video camera or builds a set, he brings a positive and encouraging vibe to all involved. Erik and his wife Monica, as a photography team bring an incredible knowledge of the fashion industry and their experiences to every shoot. Their passion to achieve great photographs has amazed hundreds of clients for International magazines, advertisers and catalogs worldwide.